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NIHR Signal: Group-based interventions may help teenagers stop smoking

Image: Pixabay

Published on 30 January 2018

There is no single clear intervention that helps young people quit smoking in the UK, but this review shows that group counselling is one that may be effective.

Interventions included in this review were diverse, for example, computer or text-based, group or individual counselling. Drug treatments such as nicotine patches were included too. Although the review was large, including 41 trials involving more than 13,000 young people, most interventions were not shown to be effective. In contrast, about a third more of those taking part in group counselling quit smoking compared with controls.

Given the high cost to the NHS attributed to smoking-related illness and the uptake of smoking in teenage years, finding effective interventions for this age group is imperative. This review suggests that using group counselling as one tactic might be effective.

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Tobacco cessation interventions for young people



Most tobacco control programmes for adolescents are based around prevention of uptake, but teenage smoking is still common. It is unclear if interventions that are effective for adults can also help adolescents to quit. This is the update of a Cochrane Review first published in 2006.

Authors’ conclusions

There is limited evidence that either behavioural support or smoking cessation medication increases the proportion of young people that stop smoking in the long-term. Findings are most promising for group-based behavioural interventions, but evidence remains limited for all intervention types. There continues to be a need for well-designed, adequately powered, randomized controlled trials of interventions for this population of smokers.

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