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NICE guidance update NG28: Depression in children and young people: identification and management

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This guideline covers identifying and managing depression in children and young people aged between 5 and 18 years. Based on the stepped care model, it aims to improve recognition and assessment and promote effective treatments for mild, moderate and severe depression.

Full guidance here


NICE Quality Standard: End of life care for infants, children and young people

This quality standard covers end of life care for infants, children and young people (from birth to 18 years) who have a life-limiting condition. Life-limiting conditions are those that are expected to result in an early death for the person. It also covers support for family members and carers. It describes high-quality care in priority areas for improvement.

Link to guidance here

NICE Guidance NG27: Developmental follow-up of children and young people born preterm

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This guideline covers the developmental follow-up of babies, children and young people under 18 years who were born preterm (before 37+0 weeks of pregnancy). It explains the risk of different developmental problems and disorders, and specifies what extra assessments and support children born preterm might need during their growth and development.

Link to Overview and Flowchart summarising guidance here

Nice Guidance: Adalimumab, etanercept and ustekinumab for treating plaque psoriasis in children and young people

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Adalimumab, Etanercept & Ustekinumab are recommended as an option for treating plaque psoriasis in children and young people aged 4 years or older, only if the disease:

  • is severe, as defined by a total Psoriasis Area and Severity Index (PASI) of 10 or more and
  • has not responded to standard systemic therapy, such as ciclosporin, methotrexate or phototherapy, or these options are contraindicated or not tolerated.


    Link to guidance here

Transition from children’s to adults’ services. NICE quality standard QS140

This NICE quality standard covers all young people (aged up to 25) using children’s health and social care services who are due to make the transition to adults’ services. It includes young people with mental health problems, with disabilities, with long-term, life-limiting or complex needs, in secure settings or under the care of local authorities.