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NIHR Highlight: Childhood Eczema

Childhood eczema

This Highlight presents findings from studies looking at a range of treatments for childhood eczema. We also hear from parents and their children who have eczema, and gain a better understanding of caring for eczema direct from a GP and dermatologists, alongside the support provided by national organisations.

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NIHR Signal: Silk clothing for children does not reduce objective measures of eczema severity


Six months of wearing special silk clothing had no effect on objective measures of child eczema severity, infection rates or medication use. Children and carers reported some small improvements in eczema severity on two scales but their awareness of the clothing worn by their child may have slightly influenced their judgment. Overall quality of life did not significantly improve.

Specialist silk clothing is currently available on NHS prescription, but prior to this trial there was limited evidence to guide its use.

The findings from this NIHR funded trial indicate that silk clothing is not very effective, and at almost £60,000 per year of quality-adjusted life gained, the clothing does not meet the cost effectiveness thresholds that are used as a guide to whether they are value for money if used in the NHS.

Most participants were happy to wear silk clothing and some parents felt that it had improved their child’s symptoms, so the garments are likely to be still available for purchase.

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