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Exercise may help prevent depression for all ages, genders & nationalities – Review of study by Mental Elf


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Since its publication in the American Journal of Psychiatry a few weeks ago, Schuch et al.’s authoritative international study has been setting the world alight, or at least it’s got my pulse racing. With over 450 media outlets reporting on it and Twitter buzzing about it, the finding that increasing physical activity levels reduce the odds of developing depression in men and women of all ages and geographical locations, has been getting people excited. Let’s hope it gets them exercising as well.

If my enthusiasm for exercise hasn’t come across by now, let me be clear, I love it! I’m not saying I’m any good at it, but I love running, cycling, swimming, football, Gaelic football, whatever. I’m happiest in the hills fell running with my wife or with friends. I promise I will try to put this bias aside and give a fair assessment of the study.

Exercise as a treatment for depression has been blogged about a few times here on the Mental Elf, but this latest study finds evidence that physical activity may prevent depression also.

Link to review page here


NICE guidance update NG28: Depression in children and young people: identification and management

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This guideline covers identifying and managing depression in children and young people aged between 5 and 18 years. Based on the stepped care model, it aims to improve recognition and assessment and promote effective treatments for mild, moderate and severe depression.

Full guidance here