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Characteristics of children admitted to intensive care with acute bronchiolitis – European Journal or Pediatrics


To assess factors associated with outcome in children admitted to paediatric intensive care (PIC) with bronchiolitis. A retrospective study of children admitted to the PICU at St Mary’s Hospital, London with bronchiolitis over a 6-year period (2011–2016). All bronchiolitis admissions < 2 years were included. Data collected particularly noted risk factors for severity, demographics, microbiology and outcome. We compared respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) with non-RSV status. Multivariate analysis was performed. Two hundred seventy-four patients were identified. Median age was 60 days (IQR 28–150 days), 63% were male, 90% were invasively ventilated and 42% were previously healthy. Pre-existing co-morbidities were present in 38%. The most frequently isolated pathogens were RSV (60%) and rhinovirus (26%). Co-infection was present in 45%, most commonly with RSV, rhinovirus and bacterial pathogens. Median length of stay (LOS) was 6 days (IQR 4.75–10). Younger age, prematurity, RSV, co-infection and co-morbidity were identified as significant risk factors for prolonged LOS. Six children died. Five of these had documented co-morbidities.

Conclusion: RSV causes more severe bronchiolitis than other viruses. Nearly half of children admitted to PICU with RSV were previously healthy. Current guidelines for immunoprophylaxis of RSV bronchiolitis should be re-considered.
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Outcomes of Follow-up Visits After Bronchiolitis Hospitalizations

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JAMA Pediatr. Published online January 29, 2018. doi:10.1001/jamapediatrics.2017.4002
Bronchiolitis is a common, self-limited condition with few effective, evidence-based therapeutic interventions. To our knowledge, none of the numerous recent efforts to improve value in bronchiolitis care have addressed routine outpatient follow-up after hospitalization, a common yet understudied intervention.
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