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Conservative treatment versus surgery for uncomplicated appendicitis in children: a systematic review and meta-analysis


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Objectives To compare conservative treatment with index admission appendicectomy in children with acute uncomplicated appendicitis.

Conclusions Conservative treatment was less efficacious and was associated with a higher readmission rate. Index admission appendicectomy should in the present still be considered to be the treatment of choice for the management of uncomplicated appendicitis in children.

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Time to Appendectomy and Risk of Complicated Appendicitis and Adverse Outcomes in Children


JAMA Pediatrics, June 19th:

Question  In children diagnosed with appendicitis, does delay in appendectomy within 24 hours of hospital presentation increase the risk of complicated appendicitis or adverse events?

Findings  In this retrospective cohort study of 2429 patients from 23 children’s hospitals, delay of appendectomy within 24 hours of presentation was not associated with increased risk of complicated disease or postoperative complications.

Meaning  These results support the premise that appendectomy can be performed as an urgent rather than emergency procedure.

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JAMA Paediatrics: Comparison of Antibiotic Therapy and Appendectomy for Acute Uncomplicated Appendicitis in Children


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Question  Are antibiotics as initial treatment appropriate for uncomplicated acute appendicitis in pediatric patients?

Findings  In this meta-analysis of 5 studies (including 404 patients), antibiotic treatment was safe and effective in 152 of 168 pediatric patients (90.5%), but the risk for treatment failure increased significantly in patients with appendicolith.

Meaning  Antibiotic treatment can be used as primary treatment in pediatric patients presenting with acute uncomplicated appendicitis without appendicolith.

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